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Purchasing information should be detailed and be relevant to the description of your purchased product , including the name, product specifications, delivery time, payment terms, and product quantity and so on.


-Please make sure your pictures are revelent to your purchasing product.

-Product pictures which contains contact info, such as MSN, QQ, E-mail, Whatsapp Number,Website address and so on will not accepted here.
-To increase your products’ hit rate, please use pictures with high definition and without any irrelevant elements, such as unnecessary colors, watermarks, etc.

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Registration policies and regulations

Afrindex’s customers have the duty to release good and true information. Afrindex’s team with the opinion of customers have adopted this regulation:

1. Fields with * are mandatory. Be sure to truthfully fill them out according to the requirement of each item.

2. The information published should be true and correct.

3. The information published should not harms another's reputation.

4. The buying lead shall be consistent with the needs and requirements of the buyer.

5. The information should not be published elsewhere the same day.

6. The information released will expire according to the period of time selected.

Afrindex has the right and the power to access and edit all posted information on this website.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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