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  • Agriculture and forestry remain the main sectors in Cameroon. The Cameroon government and industry stakeholders have been concerned about the impact of increased food imports on local industries and rural communities.

  • Angola's healthcare system is comprised of public and private services. Per Angolan law, public health services, from primary care to specialized services, are available at no cost.

  • Egypt already has well established manufacturing sub-sectors such as food & beverage, steel, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and is well positioned to become a top destination for manufacturing globally.

  • Angola's coastline stretches 1,600 kilometers and is served by numerous ports. The largest ports are Luanda, Lobito, Cabinda, Namibe, and Soyo.

  • Morocco's healthcare industry is a growing sector and is full of opportunities for future investment. With 70% of the population going to public hospitals, the government remains the main healthcare provider.

  • Chinese building materials manufacturer Huaxin Cement Company has acquired ARM Cement’s Tanzania subsidiary, Maweni Limestone Ltd., for $116 million (Sh11.95 billion).

  • Sierra Leone has abundant natural advantages. It has a strategic location on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, with one of the largest natural ports in the world.

  • According to statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB), tobacco delivery reached a record high in 2019, reaching 259 million kg, at a time average prices were the lowest in years.

  • West Africa has long been known for its geological potential, and many investors believe that West Africa will continue to be the focus of the mining industry.

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