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Africa Used Vehicle Report 2018

Africa Used Vehicle Report 2018

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In 2014, Sub- Saharan Africa recorded 2% of vehicle ownership per capita compared with 70% in the United States, 50% in Europe, and 6% in China (OECD/IEA, 2014).

Snapshot of Used Vehicles in Africa
• 42,510,000 vehicle in use in Africa (OICA 2014)
• Used vehicle market has been estimated at about $60-70 billion in sales  worldwide
• Annual vehicle fleet growth rate in Kenya and Ethiopia is 12% and 10% respectively
• In Ethiopia and Nigeria used vehicle imports account for 80% of all vehicle sales (2016)
• More than 96% of vehicles imported into Kenya are used (2016)
• 1:131 ratio of new cars to used in Nigeria (2017)
• Africa imports 4 x more automotive products than it exports
• In 2014, automotive imports valued $48 billion and exports totaled $11 billion.
• In Nigeria internet bases car sales account for 89% of all car sales (2015)

Status of African Countries based on a recognized 'strong' 5 year age limit
Only Egypt, South Africa, Sudan, and Morocco impose a total ban on used vehicle imports.
Strong– 10 countries ban used vehicles over 5 years and/or have strong tax, fee bate schemes;
Fair – 16 countries allows vehicles between 6-9years and/or the country imposes an incremental tax, up to 9 years, on vehicles based on age;
Weak– 24 countries ban used vehicles 10 years and over; impose a graduated penalty from 10 years and/or have no regulations in place.

Range of Vehicle Regulations
Angola – Automobile companies are not allowed to import used vehicles, only individuals; 3 year age restriction
Botswana – Maximum of 100,000 kms
Cote d’Ivore – A fine of 150.000 is imposed on vehicles older than 10 years and an additional 10.000 for every year
Ghana – Used vehicles over five years old pay a graduated penalty according to year of manufacture and capacity
Mauritius- 3 year age restriction; C02 based taxation
Niger- Used vehicles from outside of the SACU must be less than 5 years. However, there is no age limit for SACU-originating used vehicles
Nigeria – 15 year age restriction; Euro 2
South Africa – Banned all used vehicle imports

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