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Morocco Seeks to Boost Innovative Agricultural Cooperatives

Morocco Seeks to Boost Innovative Agricultural Cooperatives

Image from Moroccoworldnews

Minister of Agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch and Minister of Tourism, Nadia Fettah Alaoui signed on Monday a framework agreement relating to the National Program to establish new generations of agricultural cooperatives.

The agreement calls for the establishment and implementation of a national program to speed up the founding and development of new generation agricultural cooperatives.

It aims to support the implementation of the new agricultural strategy “Green Generation 2020-2030.”

The “Green Generation 2020-2030” strategy core objectives are: Supporting young people to invest in one million hectares of arable lands, creating around 350,000 job opportunities, and increasing agricultural exports to MAD 60 billion ($6.6 billion) by 2030.

The ministry has worked within the Green Morocco Plan (PMV) framework to provide the material and supervisory capacity to professional organizations, including associations, cooperatives, and economic interest groups. 

Green Morocco Plan aims at improving the living conditions of small farmers and fighting poverty in rural areas by raising agricultural income in the most vulnerable areas.

The agreement is part of a development program to establish agricultural cooperatives. The two ministries have renewed the agreements relating to the national program of the establishment of new generation agricultural cooperatives 2020-2030, noted Fettah Alaoui.

Subsequently, the Director-General of the National Office of Agricultural Council (ONCA), Jaouad Bahaji, and Director of the Office of Development Cooperation (ODCO), Youssef Hosni, signed an agreement for the establishment and implementation of the national program for the constitution of 18,000 entrepreneurial new generation agricultural cooperatives.

The purpose of the agreement is to define and implement joint action plans to transition these cooperatives from a traditional to a “business” model, allowing the cooperatives to become more productive, autonomous, and efficient businesses.

New generation agricultural cooperatives offer the opportunity for greater integration into the national and even international market and encourage certified and ecological production practices. They can help develop entrepreneurial skills among the younger generation of Moroccans.

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