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Fertilizer Making Factory will open in Malawi

Fertilizer Making Factory will open in Malawi (photo new time)
(Solister Mogha-Mana)

The tea farmers plans to build a new fertilizer making factory in Thyolo. At present, the research expriment has begun.

Experts expect once the factory is established, it will among others reduce cost that farmers incurred when buying chemical fertilizer while at the same time improve their agricultural produce.

Wilfred Kastom, Chairperson of Mtendere Tea Cooperativewho leads a 301 members group said despite that there is a lot to be done before the factory is fully established; they are confident that many people will like their fertilizer and Malawi as a country stand a chance to benefit.

The fertilizer to be labeled Mbeya Organic Fertilizer is made by mixing 10kg of ashes, 20kg dung, and 20kg of maize bran and 5liters of water. But to finish the process, 5 kg of Urea or NPK is added to come up with the two different types of fertilizers.

Kastom the good thing about Mbeya fertilizer is that required materials are found within the localities. In addition, the fertilizer is powerful and keeps moisture in times of droughts.

This year, Members of Mtendere Cooperative tried to apply Mbeya fertilizer in their farms as a case study and the results are believed to be tremendous.

Ralph Binya, member of the cooperative applied Mbeya organic fertilizer in his tea farm and he said the yield was promising.

"I have a 0.5 hectare of tea and I applied only 2 bags of Mbeya fertilizer. As of January, I have managed to harvest over 825kilogrames of tea compared to the last year's 440 Kilograms and the crop is of better quality," he said.

Due to improved quality of his tea, Binya said tea factories have since started shunning buying his tea thinking he has stolen from nearby estates.

"My tea is the best quality and heavy when put on the scale and I am not amused as to why the tea factories are refusing to buy my tea. My appeal to farmers in Malawi is that they must not bother with chemical fertilizer as with Mbeya organic fertilizer there is hope," he said.

John Mulangeni Project Manager for CEPEESM said closing the gaps that farmers were faced with in their farming business and empowering them with various skills was one of the prime focus of the project.

Mulangeni said another component of their project was environmental sustainability and waste management where he said the manure making skills and training were delivering from.

Mulangeni said the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and water Development already gave a nod to the fertilizer as extension workers in various EPA are involved in training farmers.

He then applauded Mtendere cooperative for their innovative plans.

Mtendere cooperative expect to sale its Mbeya fertilizer at MK 12,000 per every 50 kg bag which is relatively low compared to mk22, 000 price of chemical fertilizer.
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