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  • Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday launched the country’s land bank that is expected to drive agriculture growth through the provision of affordable financing to farmers.

  • The monthly report issued by the Council, Wednesday, indicated that the sector’s exports increased during last April by about 98 percent, to record $17.36 million, compared to $8.76 million during April 2020.

  • The project is realized by Huawei with the aim of delivering hands-on practical experience for students and professionals. The target of the center is to train more than 2000 engineers including students and teachers to boost talent ecosystem of Ethiopia in the coming three years.

  • Speaking yesterday at the 15th annual general meeting (AGM) of the company in Lagos, Dangote said that allowing for distortions in the sugar masterplan framework will adversely affect the target of the nation attaining self-sufficiency as projected.

  • China has increased its purchases of products from Gabon at an estimated annual rate of 44%, thus becoming the buyer of 63% of the products sold by this country on the world market in 2019.

  • Seated on a wooden bench near his makeshift shed at the roadside along the Kisii-Nyamira-Kericho Highway, James Nyabando patiently waits for someone to buy his bunches of green bananas.

  • Ethiopia inaugurated the Modjo-Meki-Batu 92 km road, completing the first phase of the country’s contribution to Trans-Africa Highway in the presence of high government officials and other multinational organization heads.

  • According to the secretary of the National Federation of Sugarcane Farmers Ezra Olodi, farmers are suffering because of the inefficiencies of sugar millers even as the government continues to allow unchecked sugar imports.

  • The program ‘West Africa (’ hosted by the Center for West African Studies of UESTC will launch an essay collecting activity with the theme of "The development of China in my eyes"

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