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    Basic Service

    For any inquiry, we will make exact match from our supplier database, analyze qualified suppliers and submit analysis report. We offer timely technical and commercial consultant to you for simplification of procedures and effective reduction of cost.

    Customized Service

    Except for basic services, we have tailored services available including full services and specific services for appliers’ choice.
    Full services: consultancy, factory assessment, product examination, international certification, guarantee for sell on credit, and scheduling;
    Specific services: clients may apply for a certain service or group services;

    Factory Assessment

    We work out tailored solutions for different factories and assessment requirements, and produce quality inspection report according to actual data collected, a report being attached with multi-dimension photos and videos, electronic edition of various documents, professional analysis, and in this way exactly recommending suitable suppliers for clients.
    Production Capacity Assessment
    We will provide our clients with information about supplier, their workers, production capacity, machines & equipment, production process & production lines, quality control system, and management system.

    Products Examination

    During the production process, we provide client with all-the-way supervision services on products produced within days from the order is given to the product is delivered to get better product quality. We have three steps in our examination work as follows:

    Initial examination:
    When the factory begins to produce for our client, we start to make the initial examination work, ranging from qualification of supplier, the quality of raw material and spare parts for products. Based on our past experience in international trade as well as industrial standards, we communicate with the supervisor of the plant what should be paid special attention to ensure product quality. Meanwhile, we send, together with the initial examination report, photos and videos taken for the first set of finished products from the angles and under the light condition required by our client.
    Interim examination:
    While the products are in the production process, we will conduct field investigation in the plant and help deal with the problems and technical difficulties encountered to guarantee qualified products. Examination steps will be the same with those for initial examination, after which interim examination report will be worked out for purchasers.
    Examination before shipment:
    Goods finished and before shipment, we will be at the plant for products examination and reception, and work out examination report (inclusive of photos & videos)for purchasers.

    International Certification

    For many years’ experience, we have acknowledged the items needed to be examined and correspondent standards of international certificate. We provide services for applying for
    CE RoHS E-Mark GS VDE BS GOST ELOT (European Certificates)
    FCC UL FDA DOT EPA the U.S. Energy Star CSA IRAM (American Certificates)
    PSB SIRIM PSE KC EK BIS  (Asian Certificates)
    CB SASO C-TICK SABS ONCAP ( Certificates in Other Regions)

    Guarantee for Sell on Credit Service

    After all-perspective credit investigation, we can provide credit guarantee service for foreign purchasers in need of funds, in addition, we can offer flexible financing services like L/C AT 30/60/90 DAYS. The service can help reduce cost and make money more flexible. For suppliers, the risks of not to be paid from the other party will be greatly reduced.

    Time Scheduling

    Global dealing has prevailed all over the world, which make proper time schedule a necessary service for suppliers.
    For suppliers in need of examining products at plants, we can offer consultant & preservation scheduling services. We try to offer the best services to purchasers for a pleasing business tour. Meanwhile, we can introduce excellent interpreters for help in the business tour, which is conducive to the successful cooperation between the supplier and the purchaser.

    Full Services

    We provide full services for our client, a good way to do easier business.
    Purchasers can first submit their needs to us for full trust and we provide full services in conformity to our promised examination steps as well as services. Full services include factory assessment, product examination, international certification, guarantee for sell on credit, and scheduling