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China and Africa Work On Freshwater Lake Protection

China and Africa Work On Freshwater Lake Protection

Nanchang — Lake Poyang and Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lakes in China and Africa, respectively, are to witness closer cooperation in ecological protection and development, Chinese researchers have said.

Chen Kui, a lake ecology expert with the Jiangxi provincial committee for mountain, rivers and lakes development and protection, said that Chinese researchers have completed a field study around Lake Victoria in central and eastern Africa, and exchanged views with local government departments, academic institutions and civil groups, on the lake's development and ecology.

Situated at the border of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, Lake Victoria is strategically significant to the development of the three countries, but there is a lack of comprehensive development plans and in technologies for pollution treatment, clean energy and renewable agriculture, Chen said.

Capacity building is also much needed in local communities and institutions, she said. Dai Xingzhao, director of the committee's executive office, echoed Chen's sentiments, and said that Lake Poyang had faced similar challenges over decades, particularly in terms of the treatment and prevention of desertificated land and ecological restoration.

"Both China and Africa need to coordinate economic development and ecological protection. The potential of sharing knowledge and best practices between the two is huge," Dai said.
He said that a number of cooperation agreements had been inked to stage technical training and start demonstration projects in the Lake Victoria region.
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