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Ethiopia Launches Horticulture Production and New Marketing Strategy

Ethiopia Launches Horticulture Production and New Marketing Strategy

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While delivering an opening speech, MoA Minister Dr. Eyasu Abraha said that the National Horticulture Production and Marketing Strategy will enable the country to fully produce horticulture products, with both quality and world-standard quantity, and hence the producers as well as the country will benefit from the horticulture sector by meeting the domestic as well as international demands.

The Strategy will play a significant role in improving productivity and marketing approach of horticultural products, according to Mr. Tesfaye Mengiste, State Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, while addressing the launching event. Mr. Tesfaye said that Ethiopia has favorable ecological zones for the horticultural production with large amount of land and ground water. He also added that the country is utilizing only 2.5 million hectares of land, out of the 11.1 million hectares which is favorably suitable for horticultural production.

For neighboring Kenya, which has only 5.4 million hectares of land suitable for irrigation, flowers, together with fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, are a key foreign exchange earner and last year brought the country USD 978 million. On the other hand Ethiopia with 11.1 million hectares of irrigable land, has earned only USD 275.45 million in the same year.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources designed the new Strategy by incorporating lessons and experiences from other countries which have successful horticulture production and marketing program. It is believed that this Strategy will enable Ethiopia fully benefit from the horticulture sector in such a way that, by addressing challenges in the sector, it will help the country to properly implement modern marketing and financial system as well as expand infrastructure and other essential facilities, so as to boost foreign currency earnings.

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