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15 Companies Shown Interest to Establish Industries in Morogoro

15 Companies Shown Interest to Establish Industries in MorogoroPhoto by Wikipedia

By John Nditi

Morogoro — As the government embarks on establishment and revival of industries in the country, at least 15 companies have shown interest to establish industries in Morogoro Region, the Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Dr John Ndunguru has said.

Morogoro is a city with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the eastern part of Tanzania, 196 kilometres (122 mi) west of Dar es Salaam, the country's largest city and commercial centre, and 260 kilometres (160 mi) east of Dodoma, the country's capital city. Morogoro is the capital of the Morogoro Region. It is also known informally as "Mji kasoro bahari", which translates as "city short of an ocean/port"Morogoro lies at the base of the Uluguru Mountains and is a centre of agriculture in the region. The Sokoine University of Agriculture is based in the city. A number of missions are also located in the city, providing schools and hospitals.

The companies expressed their interests soon after the completion of the investment forum that took place in the region in September, this year. Speaking during the launching of training on the application of technology on tailoring, Dr Ndunguru said his office expects to receive more applications and commitment from other companies.

The function was graced by the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office responsible for Labour, Youth and Employment, Mr Anthony Mavunde.

At least 200 youth out of 1,000 who have been registered for the training attended the launching at Mazava Fabrics and Production Ltd grounds in Morogoro. He said some of the companies are interested to invest in sugar factories, construction of modern abattoirs and meat processing, fruits processing and other areas.

"Morogoro has been a home of industries since the first phase government, we are happy that the fifth phase government is reviving industries across the country and there all signs that Morogoro is going to record good performance," he said.

He said with the current spirit and government commitment, Tanzania is soon becoming an industrial country. He said the government is committed to cooperate with private companies under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) framework in developing and strengthening industrial sector in the country.

According to the RAS the establishment and revival of industries in the region is expected to offer employment to youth and boost government revenues. He said the government strategy to introduce entrepreneurship trainings to youth is very vital because the practice enable youth to acquire skills and thus qualify for employment in various industries.

The general industrial structure of Tanzania is comprised of manufacturing (53%), processing (43%), and assembling industries (4%). Tanzania’s manufacturing sector contributed 5.6% to the country’s GDP in 2014 with USD 2.69bn, compared to USD 1.47bn in 2009, representing an increase of 82%. Since agriculture is the mainstay of the Tanzanian economy, the manufacturing industry is centered around the processing of local agricultural goods. The manufacturing sector in Tanzania consists mainly of food processing (24%), textiles and clothing (10%), chemicals (8.5%), and others, including beverages, leather and leather products, paper and paper products, publishing and printing, and plastics. Export of Tanzanian manufactured goods includes cotton yarn, processed coffee and tobacco, sisal products (yarn and twine), wheat flour, plastic items, textile apparel, and cement.

15 companies shown interest to establish industries in Morogoro, the capital of the Morogoro Region, Tanzania.

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