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West Africa is the least cross-border integrated region in the world

West Africa is the least cross-border integrated region in the world

Image from Ethnologue

According to relevant reports, ECOWAS countries are the regions with the lowest level of integration in cross-border trade.

According to the report, the non- application of ECOWAS directives relating to free movement of goods and people,    ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme, ETLS, and the  Common External Tariff, CET, are some of the factors responsible for the low level of trade integration in the region.

Other factors militating against trade in the region include the high cost of transport &  logistics, Long delays at ports and borders, harassment along transit corridors,  mainly from uniformed services and corruption.

Mr Justin Bayili, Executive Secretary, Borderless Alliance said that while Europe recorded 71 per cent in intra-regional trade, Asia recorded 53 per cent, South America 48 per cent against 12 per cent recorded by the ECOWAS region.

Bayili disclosed that East Africa is more integrated than its West African counterpart citing Customs inter-connectivity for the success so far recorded in East Africa.

"Burkina and Togo are inter-connected, Burkina- Cote Ivoire is also inter- connected and this has reduced the cost of trade between these countries."

The Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers'Council, NSC, Mr Hassan Bello, said that barriers to trade increase the cost of trade and Africa has the highest cost of transporting goods between origin and destination across all modes of transportation.

ECOWAS calls for barrier elimination. Removing obstacles to intra-regional integration in the ECOWAS  sub-region would be particularly beneficial to the small scale traders that conduct cross border commerce within the sub-region. The potential benefits include food security, job creation, poverty reduction, increased tax revenues for authorities and long term development outcomes.

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