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African Export Countries Top 10

African Export Countries Top 10

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Africa's exports represent an estimated 2.6% of total world exports in 2018.

Based on statistics from the International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook Database, the total Gross Domestic Product for Africa calculated on a Purchase Power Parity (PPP) basis amounted to roughly $6.813 trillion in 2018. Therefore, exports account for about 7.3% of Africa’s total economic output.

Given Africa's population of about 1.264 billion people, the total $497.3 billion in 2018 exported goods originating from continental Africa translates to roughly $400 per African resident.

Below are the top African export countries that achieved the highest dollar value in global shipments during 2018. Also shown is the percentage change in value since 2014 plus each country’s percentage share of the continent’s total exports.

Rank    Exporter    2018 Exports       %Total    
1.    South Africa    $94,421,532,000        19%    
2.    Nigeria            $52,913,529,000     10.6%    
3.    Angola            $42,021,981,000        8.5%    
4.    Algeria            $41,617,938,000        8.4%    
5.    Libya            $30,679,893,000        6.2%    
6.    Egypt            $29,383,962,000        5.91%    
7.    Morocco            $29,330,296,000        5.9%    
8.    Ghana            $17,099,588,000        3.4%    
9.    Tunisia            $15,993,870,000        3.2%    
10.    Ivory Coast    $11,823,035,000        2.4%    

The top 10 African exporters provided almost three-quarters (73.5%) of all international product sales shipped from Africa during 2018.

Twenty-seven export countries in Africa increased the value of their exports from 2014 to 2018 led by: Central African Republic (up 454.2%), Guinea (up 218.7%), Togo (up 215.8%), Sierra Leone (up 143%), Guinea (up 154%), Congo (up 69%) then Comoros (up 66.7%).

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