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China-Africa Win-Win Cooperation has been Upgraded

China-Africa Win-Win Cooperation has been Upgraded

Lusaka — The cooperation between China and African countries has been gradually transformed and upgraded, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday.

The traditional friendship and relations of good cooperation between China and African countries have stood the test of time and gone through the trial of international turbulent events. This relationship, being a good example to the developing countries, has been further consolidated and developed under the present new situation. China maintains close political relations with African countries through frequent exchanges of high-level visits. To establish a long-term and stable relationship of full cooperation between China and African countries in the 21 century.

Under the new ideas put forward at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation's summit in Johannesburg, the China-Africa win-win cooperation has shown "three new changes," Wang said during a meeting with his Zambian counterpart Harry Kalaba.

Wang explained that the first change is a transformation from government-led cooperation to the market oriented one, and the second is an upgrade from general commodity trade to capacity cooperation and processing trade.

He added that the last one is a shift from ordinary project contracting to the expansion of investment, construction and operation.

Despite a gloomy world economy and sluggish growth of global trade, the China-Africa capacity cooperation and the alignment of their industrial policies are growing robust, Wang said. The cooperation has witnessed a fast growth, with many Chinese enterprises coming to Africa to invest and establish plants, noted Wang.

He said that from the Dec. 2015 Johannesburg summit to July, 2016, the agreements signed in various fields between China and Africa have been valued at over 50 billion U.S. dollars.

The "three new changes" indicate that the China-Africa cooperation has reached a new level, which features transformation, upgrade and new opportunities of mutual benefit, the minister said.

Zambia is one of the main players and beneficiary of the "three new changes," said Wang. China has provided African countries with great assistance since their independence, with a view to help them develop national economy and advance the social progress, which has achieved good results and welcome by African countries and people. In the past few years, the economic and trade relations have been further developed. The Chinese government made many efforts to create new forms and ways for expanding the existing cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit in the fields of economy and trade. 

Their cooperation in education, public health, culture and other fields maintains a good momentum. In addition, both sides have strengthened cooperation in human resources development. Continuing to grant scholarships to African students every year to study in China, the Chinese government hosted various study and training courses to help African countries forming professional contingents. Among which were the classes of advanced-studies for both Chinese and African management personnel and the training courses for young and mid-aged African diplomats. China also organized study-tours for high-ranking African diplomats to visit China and exchange experiences. 

2017 marks a key year to implement the outcome of the Johannesburg summit, he stressed.

Despite an unpredictable international situation and world economy, China will keep its words and comprehensively implement the summit's outcome so as to bring more benefits to the two peoples of Africa and China at an early date, Wang said.
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