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Ethiopia 'fully' restores internet connectivity after three week outage

Ethiopia 'fully' restores internet connectivity after three week outage

Image from Africanews

Full internet including data connection has been restored across Ethiopia today according to a number of journalists in the country.

The move comes a week after partial service was reported following a two-week total blackout. “At this hour: Full internet, including data has been restored in Ethiopia after three weeks of suspension,” journalist Samuel Getachew tweeted.

Others are reporting that the full restoration is in the capital Addis Ababa, which was one of the worst hit places in the violence that according to government precipitated the outage as a national security measure.

A top journalist commenting on the shutdown “posted tweets”: that read in part: “First off, there is no legal ground for the government in Ethiopia to shut the internet. Threat to national security is usually the presumed excuse but in no way can the violence of this month be near to that level of a threat.

“The other presumption is that internet or social media creates or ignites violence. However, almost all the conflicts in Ethiopia start on ground. Yes, there are people who call for violence online, but so are people who preach peace, report violence, repression, etc.” Befeqadu Hailu averred.

Internet rights and tracking group, NetBlocks; which reportedly extensively on the outage has yet to confirm the cross board restoration of service.

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