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Morocco Launches Digitalization of Services for Construction Companies

Morocco Launches Digitalization of Services for Construction Companies

Image from Moroccoworldnews

Morocco's Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics has announced the launch of “DeQCA,” a new web platform for the digitalization of services for construction companies.

The platform will allow the ministry to receive requests for qualification and classification and the approval of design offices from companies and laboratories in the construction sector.

The launch of the web platform falls within the framework of the digitalization of Morocco’s construction sector and the improvement of the quality of services for industry professionals, revealed the Ministry of Equipment in a press release.

The ministry calls on construction companies and laboratories to submit their requests via the new platform starting September 15.

The platform enables the creation and validation of online accounts, authentication via electronic certificates, submission and filing of all request documents, monitoring of the progress of requests, and the download of the signed certificate.

Various ministerial commissions ran a simulation that included entering data and following the process, aiming to capitalize on that experience to efficiently execute the platform’s services.

With the digitalization of its services, the ministry aims to more efficiently process companies’ classification, qualification, and design office approval requests, and guarantee closer proximity to construction operators.

The ministry opened a module to “clean up” identification data for construction operators on January 14, for an effective launch of the DeQCA platform.

To facilitate discussion with construction operators about the platform, the ministry will organize regional online seminars starting October 5.

On June 22 the World Bank announced its approval of a $500 million loan to Morocco to support the country in boosting digital inclusion reforms.

The loan is part of the Financial and Digital Inclusion Development Policy Financing Project (DPF) to support mechanisms to promote digital transformation in Morocco.

The ministry’s platform for construction companies follows the launch of a partnership on June 24 between Morocco’s Digital Development Agency (ADD) and Morocco’s Numeric Cluster (MNC) to accelerate digitalization in the country and promote digital services.

Through the partnership, the two organizations “confirm their respective wills to contribute to the development of the digital ecosystem by ensuring its emergence both nationally and internationally,” a joint press release said.

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