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Cameroon: Banana exportations rise by 10% in August

Cameroon: Banana exportations rise by 10% in August

Image from Journalducameroun

Amid the crippling COVID-19 pandemic, Cameroon’s Banana exportations witnessed an increase of over 1,200 tons in the month of August.
The statistics were made public by the Cameroon Banana Association better known by its French acronym as ASSOBACAM.

According to the association, Cameroon exported 12,981 tons of Banana in the month of August compared to 11,695 exported in the month of July, giving an increase of 1,200 tons.

The Societes des Plantations du Haut Penja, PHP alone is reported to have exported 10,675 tons of Banana in August as compared to 9,948 in the previous month, giving an increase of 727 tons.

In this same light, the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC is said to have exported 1,200 tons in August, contrary to 678 in July, giving an increase of 500 tons.

Surprising enough, this increase in exportations comes at a time when the latter is hard hit by the Anglophone crisis.

The last banana producer mentioned by ASSOBACAM in its latest statistics is Boh Plantations which reportedly exported 1,106 tons in August as compared to 1,069 in July.

It is the sum of the above mentioned increase in exportations by the different banana producers in the country which gives a 10% increase in the overall exports.

This increase in exports comes at a time when the country is still battling to put an end to the reign of Coronavirus on its soil.

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