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Egypt's planning Ministry releases 'Citizen Investment Plan' of Cairo in FY 2020/21

Egypt's planning Ministry releases 'Citizen Investment Plan' of Cairo in FY 2020/21

Image from EGypttoday

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development disclosed Thursday the details of Cairo’s Citizen Investment Plan in FY2020/2021.

On the citizen's investment plan in Cairo Governorate, Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said explained that the number of development projects in the governorate reaches 772 projects and that the value of public investments directed to Cairo governorate in the 2021/2021 plan amounts to LE 46.5 billion, an increase of 41% over the 2019/2020 plan.

"The growth rate in investments financed by the public treasury and destined for Cairo governorate reaches 49.2%," El-Said said.

About the sectorial distribution of public investments targeted in the Cairo governorate with the 2021/2021 plan, El-Said indicated that investments worth LE 10.9 billion will be directed to the housing sector and slum development by 23.5%, and the transport sector is allocated to LE 11.8 billion by 25.3%.

While the investments of the pre-university education sector amounted to LE 4.5 billion, a rate of 9.7% and the local development sector is allocated to LE 3.4 billion or 7.3%, and the higher education sector is LE 3.4 billion or 7.2%. It is allocated to investments worth LE 12.5 billion, or 26.9%.

The report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development stated that the most important development targets in the housing sector and the development of informal settlements in Cairo Governorate in the 2021/20 Plan are to direct about LE 1.9 billion to drinking water and sanitation services, in addition to directing LE 244.1 million to electricity services, and in the pre-university education sector the most important Developmental targets in establishing 173 schools with a total of 3412 classrooms.

About the New Administrative Capital project, the report pointed out that it aims to establish a new administrative and economic city in the Greater Cairo Region, including a residential area, a commercial area, and other service areas.

The report indicated that the amount of appropriations listed for the project in the 20/2021 plan amounts to LE 15.5 billion and that the bodies responsible for implementing the project are the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

The report also referred to the project to develop and expand the subway network, which aims to provide a modern, fast, safe, and environmentally friendly means of transport to meet the increasing demand for transport, by improving and raising the efficiency of the metro operation, and establishing new lines that accommodate the largest number of citizens.

The report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development on the citizen's investment plan in Cairo Governorate pointed out to the most important projects of the university education and scientific research sector in the 20/2021 plan, which is to complete the establishment of the Science and Technology City for Electronic Research and Industry.

In addition to establishing the Egyptian French University, completing automated testing equipment for public university students, purchasing machinery, equipment, and equipment for university hospitals to raise the level of treatment service for patients, and establishing the headquarters of the African Space Agency.

The “Citizen Plan” includes the most prominent features of the sustainable development plan for the fiscal year 20/2021, at the national level, and the most important economic indicators for each governorate represented in the gross domestic product, the real growth rate, the unemployment rate, the number of workers.

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