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How Ghana Can Benefit From Global Demand For Cashews

How Ghana Can Benefit From Global Demand For Cashews

Image from Allafrica

The growing demand for cashew nuts around the world, particularly in developed and emerging economies, is driven by a number of factors. They include recognition of their health and nutritional benefits and the growth in plant-based diets. Cashew nuts are also considered a substitute for dairy products and they represent a popular savoury snack. They are also a substitute for the ever-popular peanut butter.

Ghana is among Africa's major producers of cashew nuts, producing around 85,000 metric tonnes of raw cashew nuts each year. This accounts for about 1% of total production worldwide. Of this, over 90% is exported to India and Vietnam by Asian exporters and processors. With appropriate support, Ghana may be able to take advantage of the growing demand and consumption of cashew nuts in the developed and emerging economies, with outcomes that will generate jobs and revenue, writes James Boafo and Kristen Lyons for The Conversation.

Cashew production in Ghana dates back to the 1960s, with production for export markets expanding significantly in the last decade. The Ghana Export Promotion Authority is currently working with Cashew Industry Association of Ghana to increase local processing. This collaboration may benefit by drawing from the experiences of other African countries, that will guide a national cashew processing strategy.

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