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Egypt issues decision setting selling price of unsubsidized bread

Egypt issues decision setting selling price of unsubsidized bread

Image from Egypttoday

Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Mabdouli,issued a decision Monday determining the price of selling unsubsidized bread  in its first article.
All stores, tourist bakeries, and other outlets are obligated to announce the selling prices of these products, in places visible to their patrons, provided that the provisions of this decision continue for a period of 3 months, or until further notice, whichever comes first.
The decision stipulated that the sale of the bread would be 50 piasters for a 45-gram loaf, 75 piasters for a 65-gram loaf, and at LE 1 for a 90-gram, and LE 11.5 for a kilo of packaged bread.
He pointed out that the sale of French bread loaf would be 50 piasters for a 40-gram loaf, 75 piasters for a 60-gram loaf, and LE 1 for a 80-gram loaf.
The second article of the decision stipulated that anyone who violates the provisions of Article 1 of this decision shall be punished with a fine of not less than LE 100,000, and LE 5 million maximum.

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