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Educationist Harps on Credible Leadership to Drive Inclusive Economic Growth

Educationist Harps on Credible Leadership to Drive Inclusive Economic Growth

Image from Thisdaylive

An educationist, Professor Christopher Imumolen, has emphasised on the need for Nigerians to elect credible leaders to achieve an all inclusive economic growth for the country.

Lamenting over the poor state of the economy, Imumolen stated the urgent need to have a new generation of voters that would elect credible leaders who have the interest of impoverished Nigerians at heart, explaining that it is the surest way to put Nigeria on the path of economic growth and development.

Addressing a press briefing in Lagos on the state of the nation, he stated that solving Nigeria’s economic situation is not rocket science, but requires proactive leadership while also stating the need to digititalise the nation’s economy.

The professor who also declared his interest to contest the presidency in the 2023 general election, said to make Nigeria great again, economic managers must rejig the nation’s security architecture and review its economic policies to drive local and foreign investments into the country.

He blamed most of the abandoned projects in the country on the selfish interest of greedy politicians who he said do not mean well for the nation.

“There are many abandoned projects that can actually make Nigeria a great nation. A country without steel development capacity is dead on arrival. Nigeria has a zero steel manufacturing capacity and yet we have spent billions of dollars in companies that have been abandoned.,” he added.

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