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Egypt ranks 4th globally in generating electricity from solar energy

Egypt ranks 4th globally in generating electricity from solar energy

Image from Egypttoday

Egypt occupies the fourth place globally, in terms of the largest plants to generate electricity from solar energy, after the completion of the operation of the Benban solar plant with a capacity of 2000 megawatts, in cooperation with the private sector. 

The Benban project to generate electricity from solar energy is a model for fruitful cooperation between investors and the state, which made this project win the Government Excellence Award. 

1- The site includes 32 solar plants to generate electricity from solar energy.

2- The capacity of each station is 50 megawatts.

3- Fully gas-insulated GIS transformer stations were established for the first time in Egypt.

4- Fuel is provided during the operation of the solar plants in Benban.

5- The project paves the wave for incorporating clean renewable energy.

6- The project is the fourth largest gathering of solar energy plants with a voltaic cell system without storage in the world.

7- The project creates more than 10,000 job opportunities during the implementation phase and after the commercial operation of the investor stations.

8- The project won the Arab Government Excellence Award in its first session as the best infrastructure development project.

9- The Benban solar complex has been called the "world capital of solar energy".

10- The Ministry of Electricity is currently planning to expand the project to bring the total capacity generated from it to 2000 megawatts, making it the largest capacity in the world.

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