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5G goes live in Adama

5G goes live in Adama

Image from Capitalethiopia

As part of expanding its 5G mobile service infrastructure and commercializing the service to other regional cities, Ethio telecom launches a 5G mobile network in Adama city on November 2, 2022.
The operator launched in six stations in the city on pre-commercial levels by considering the existing and enabling conditions to fully expand and market the service in the time ahead.

The 5G Mobile Technology is characterized by the fastest speed (upto10Gbs), low latency (less than 1ms) and massive communication capability (upto1 Million connections within 1 square KM), can unlock blazing fast speeds in more places, real-time responses and massive connectivity. With such high speed, superior reliability and negligible latency, 5G will impact industries such as mission critical services requiring real time decisions, manufacturing plants, remote Healthcare, precision Agriculture, self-driving vehicles, IoT, real-time operations; making them all a reality.

“We believe that launching this 5G mobile technology will play significant roles to optimizing the overall functions of Adama city through deploying smart technologies of the day and is an important milestone in achieving the vision of making Adama a smart city,” the telecommunications giant stated.
The telecom operator has expanded 3G and 4G networks throughout the nation, achieving 97 percent coverage.

It has now started 5G service after obtaining a temporary 5G Spectrum approval from the Ethiopian Communication Authority (ECA).
Ethio Telecom says the launch of 5G is part of its effort to enhance and modernize telecom services in the country.

Pre-commercial 5G network service was available only in the capital before eventually spreading to other parts of the country. On May after launching in Addis Ababa, the operator was planning to launch 5G in 150 sites within 12 months as full commercialization would depend on readiness and demand from players in the ecosystem. It will look into customers’ readiness to use the service, availability of 5G-enabled devices and smartphones, and the need and readiness of enterprises to use the service.
Furthermore Ethio telecom has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Adama City Administration to implement the Adama Smart City project.

The agreement will enable Adama administration to use ICT technologies and settle service payments via telebirr digital payment system to bring about the efficiency of the city’s operation and government services. In line with this agreement, Ethio telecom will deploy information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure such as Metro Dark Fiber, Cloud, Data Centers, and high bandwidth low latency wireless connectivity, digital payment platform and other beyond connectivity digital solutions to realize Adama smart city initiatives.

Ethio telecom will develop Integrated Telecom and Information Communication Infrastructure in line with Adama Smart City Program Scope and will provide reliable and high quality wireless connectivity and transmission services via 4G, 5G, NB-IOT /Internet of things/ and other connectivity methods.

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