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SIAM: Moroccan, International Companies Showcase Innovative Agriculture Solutions

SIAM: Moroccan, International Companies Showcase Innovative Agriculture Solutions

Image from Moroccoworldnews

Despite significant potential for growth and development, Morocco’s agriculture industry faces several challenges that require both local and international companies to address them through innovative solutions and technologies.

The 15th edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition (SIAM) in Meknes kicked off on Tuesday with the participation of hundreds of leading companies from Morocco and abroad. 

Representing 60 countries, the exhibitors showcased their latest advances and innovations in agriculture, food tech, and green tech, among other areas.

Among the exhibitors was Agri-Epi Center, a British company that aims to drive the growth and development of the agri-tech sector. The center,  which is funded by the UK government, collaborates with farmers, researchers, and businesses to develop innovative agricultural solutions.

Speaking to Morocco World News (MWN), the center’s International Business Development Manager Jane Lycett expressed her company’s interest in helping address Morocco’s agriculture challenges, as well as accelerate the country’s adoption of precision agriculture technologies to help farmers produce food more efficiently and sustainably.

She indicated that the Agri-Epi Center will sign a memorandum of understanding with Morocco’s Digital Agriculture Pole (PAD) during the fair, whereby the two parties will identify which UK technologies can align with existing farming practices and technologies in Morocco. 

The partnership aims to “progress the [agriculture] sector and increase the level of adoption of technologies to make farming more productive and sustainable,” Lycett added.

SIAM 2023, which aims to promote agricultural development in Morocco and the region, marked the participation of Israel for the first time ever. Around 10 Israeli companies were present at the fair, showcasing their agricultural products and services.

“We are very happy and proud to be here in Meknes participating in the SIAM for the first time as the participating state of Israel,” Eyal David, Deputy Chief of Mission at Israel’s Liaison Office in Rabat, told MWN.

Highlighting Israel’s advanced agri-tech, David said that Morocco and Israel “have a lot of things to do together” in terms of agriculture. 

He also expressed Israel’s interest in sharing its expertise with other African countries, saying that Morocco represents a “gate to Africa.”

The second day of the fair will mark the official visit of Israeli Minister of Economy Nir Barkat who will inaugurate the Israeli pavilion, David said, noting that the minister will meet with several Moroccan officials with the aim of strengthening collaboration in agriculture.

Addressing Morocco’s agriculture challenges
In addition to the international pavilion, the fair featured a section dedicated to Moroccan companies and startups who shared their expertise and latest technologies in the field.

Co-founder of Terraa Youssef Benkirane spoke to MWN about his startup, which is a Moroccan brand-to-brand (B2B) distribution platform that sources fresh produce from farmers and distributes it directly to retailers and end consumers.

The Moroccan startup aims to address crucial issues in the Moroccan food supply chain, said Benkirane, highlighting “inefficiencies in terms of operations, but also technology and a lack of data.” 

According to him, these issues have a “strong impact on food inflation,” as farmers do not know what to produce, at what quantity, and at which time. 

Terraa pledges to tackle these major issues, including waste levels regarding water and land use, as well as gas emissions, by providing farmers with data and tools to make insightful decisions on the when, what, and how much questions.

The event has highlighted the crucial role that the participating companies play in helping drive Morocco’s agricultural growth and ensuring that the sector remains sustainable and resilient in the face of ongoing challenges. 

By working together, the exhibitors hope that the agriculture industry in Morocco can continue to provide food security for residents and contribute to the country’s economic development.

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