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Basic information:
• Date:
• Venue: Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center
• Area: 25,000㎡
• Number of exhibitors: 1,000
• Number of visitors: 25,000

In 2022, Hainan free trade port into full implementation phase. With the signing of RCEP, Hainan has become the world's largest free trade zone, which brings nearly 3.5 billion people harboring huge market potential, and as an important port facing ASEAN, Hainan will have a rare opportunity for development. At the same time, Hainan all-out construction of "international tourism consumption center", demand upgrading, brand opening, product upgrading, the construction of a large domestic cycle as the main body, domestic and international double cycle to promote each other's new model, for the development of building materials industry provides a new period of opportunity.

THE BUILD&DECOR EXPO is based in Hainan, facing the ASEAN market, connecting the global emerging markets. The exhibition covers sanitary equipment, landscape garden, intelligent home, furniture decoration, lighting and other popular categories of theme areas, combined with a series of industry theme forums and activities, a series of theme exhibitions held at the same time to strive to create a "cultural tourism accommodation - quality of life - fashion space ecosystem". The exhibition aims to connect Chinese suppliers with global buyers from emerging markets, building a professional business exchange platform to support companies to meet new opportunities and seek common development.

• The organizer is deeply established in Southeast Asia and emerging markets, and has high-level experience and international market resources.
• Precise visitor invitation, counterpart group invitation, business matching service and maximize the benefits of exhibiting.
• Multi-exhibitor linkage development, expansion of product categories, expansion of related buyers, to capture more business opportunities

Target buyers:
1. Channels:

•  Distributors / Agents / Traders / Wholesalers / Retailers
•  Cross-border e-commerce / E-commerce 3rd platform / Stores
•  Overseas buyers/International buyers' procurement office in China
•  Furniture and home furnishing stores/Building material stores

2. Businesses/Institutions:
•  Hotels / Motels / B&Bs / Resorts / Restaurants
•  Renovation/Architectural engineering companies
•  Home decoration / Public decoration organizations
•  Estate agents / Developers / Property management etc.

3. Industry chain related /Services:
•  Designers / Design agencies
•  OEM/Accessory manufacturers
•  Financial/IP institutions
•  Logistics agencies
•  Software/Solution providers

4. Others:
•  Government agencies
•  Industry trade associations
•  Media

Theme Event:
• Business Procurement Matchmaking Meeting
• Future Smart Home Living Theme Seminar
• Future of color, Quality of space 2022 " IN SPACE" sharing presentation
• "Flowing Light - Crafting Shadow" Lighting Design Awards and Theme Summit
• International Island Design Summit
• "Design+Life Transformer" seminar
• Post-covid-19 Era Healthy Housing - Building Materials Industry Summit
• New Door and Window Era ”Design for Lifestyle“ Theme Forum
• "New People Living with New Functions" 2022 Residential Total Design Forum International Design Island Summit

• Furniture decoration: daily furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, mattresses, painting customization, top and wall integration, wallpaper and wall coverings, decorative wall materials and window products, ceiling, decorative paintings/sculptures, simulation plants, etc.
• Bathroom products: intelligent sanitary ware, sanitary ware and accessories, drying systems, intelligent toilets, cleaning and storage, bathtubs, basins, sinks, vanity mirrors, etc.
• Lighting: interior decorative lighting, commercial lighting, LED lighting and components, energy-saving lighting products intelligent lighting solutions, etc.
• Garden technology: landscape gardening, villa supporting products, gardening tools, lawn, landscape trees, gazebo water pavilion, roads, fish pond fountain water features, rockery, etc.
• Intelligent home: security alarm system, lighting control system, environmental monitoring system, home appliance control system, audio and video system, intelligent control system, health detection system, intelligent home cloud platform, etc.
• Panel coating & door & window locks: ceramics and raw materials / accessories, ground materials, ceiling suspended ceilings, blocks, steel, cement, sand and gravel, wallpaper, environmental protection coatings, intelligent doors and windows, intelligent shading and fence intelligent locks, hardware accessories, etc.

Booth Fee
• Domestic exhibitors:

Standard booth fee: RMB 11,800/9 sqm
Raw space fee: RMB 1,180/sqm(from 36 square meters)
Corner fee: 5% of booth fee
Comprehensive service fee: RMB 1,000/company
• International exhibitors:
Standard booth fee: USD 2,000/9 sqm
Raw space fee: USD 200/sqm(from 36 square meters)
Corner fee: 5% of booth fee
Comprehensive service fee: USD 180/company

Contact Information:
Ms. Xu
Tel:+86 198 5712 4891
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