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Morocco to Reportedly Award New Contract for Solar Project

Morocco to Reportedly Award New Contract for Solar Project

Image from Moroccoworldnews


Morocco is set to award a new contract for the reconstruction of a new solar plant. The news comes after the country’s renewable energy agency (MASEN) selected a number of companies as potential candidates.

According to news reports cited by Zawya, “Morocco is close to finalizing Noor Midelt II package…the country is expected to announce soon the name of the company that will build the new complex.”

With a capacity of 400 megawatts (MW), the Noor Midelt II solar photovoltaic power plant represents the second undertaking in the Noor Midelt solar energy complex located in the Atlas Mountains of Central Morocco.

In July, MASEN announced that six consortiums have been pre-qualified to undertake the construction of the Noor Midelt II.

The consortiums leading this groundbreaking initiative comprise distinguished international companies, including Cobra Servicios, Communicaciones y Energia from Spain, EDF Renouvelables from France, Enel Green Power from Italy, Iberdrola Renovables International from Spain, International Power from Belgium, and Acwa Power from Saudi Arabia. 

Masen confirmed that these companies have demonstrated their expertise and capabilities in the renewable energy sector, successfully meeting the pre-qualification criteria set by the agency.

At the core of the Noor Midelt II project lies the construction of a photovoltaic power plant equipped with a two-hour energy storage capacity. 

The structure would ensure a consistent and reliable supply of electricity, even during periods of low solar radiation or at nighttime. 

By incorporating energy storage technologies, the efficiency and effectiveness of solar power plants are significantly enhanced, making them a more sustainable and viable energy source.

Morocco has been making significant strides in expanding its renewable energy capacity in recent years. 

Official figures from 2022 indicate that renewables accounted for 18% of the country's total electricity production, while coal constituted a substantial 72%. However, the government has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewables in the country's installed capacity to 52% by 2030.

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