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Global leaders meet in China for G20 summit

World leaders are meeting in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou for a G20 summit.

Following are highlights of comments made at theG20 meeting and related events:

CHINESE PRESIDENT XI JINPING "We agreethat facing the risks and challenges of the current world economy, andmaintaining a peaceful and stable international environment are crucial. G20countries should help each other and coordinate more closely on macro-economicpolicies; use various effective policy tools, such as fiscal, monetary and structuralreforms. "(We) will not only fend off short-term risks, but also payattention to the medium-to-long term growth potential."

"We will support the multi-lateral trademechanism and oppose protectionism to release the global trade growth potentialand reverse declines in global trade." INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDMANAGING DIRECTOR CHRISTINE LAGARDE "A first priority is a coordinatedeffort to raise growth. The G20 agreed that this will require making full useof all policy levers - monetary, fiscal, and structural - individually andcollectively. The G20 also agreed to identify and prioritise reforms thatprovide the biggest growth impulse for each country, which is an area where theIMF is actively engaged. Pushing back against protectionism and pushing forwardwith free and fair trade is a vital component of this growth agenda. "Asecond priority is a commitment that growth must be more widely shared. Again,countries should deploy proven tools to reduce excessive inequality and raiseeconomic prospects, particularly for low-income groups and workers affected byrapid technological change - for example, through skills training andinvestments in education and health. We need increased growth, but it must bebetter balanced, more sustainable, and inclusive so as to benefit all people.

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