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Trade Between Angola and China Rises to 50.47 Percent in January

Trade Between Angola and China Rises to 50.47 Percent in January

Luanda — Trade between China and Angola amounted to USD 2026 million (a year-on-year  increase of 50.47%), according to a press release from the Angolan embassy in Luanda.

Actually, China’s rapid and increasing economic and commercial relationship with sub-Saharan Africa  (SSA) has received increasing attention,and there is a need for empirical research on the  opportunities and challenges for African economies that reflect these deepening relations.  

The note, which cites official Chinese data released by the Macau Forum, indicates that  China sold products worth 167 million dollars (-6.07%) to Angola and bought goods, mainly  oil, estimated at 1859 million dollars (+ 59.08%).

The document also shows that trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries reached  USD 8281 million in January 2017, a year-on-year increase of 7.52%.

Angola and Brazil were responsible in January for 92% of trade between China and the eight  Portuguese-speaking countries with a total of 7625 million dollars.

In 2016, the value of trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries fell for the  second consecutive year, reaching USD 90 874 million, with a year-on-year contraction of  7.72%.

Among the whole Africa Continent, Africa’s trading relationship with China in general has seen benefits to the African  consumer on the import side. Cheaper consumer goods, including everything from TVs to  clothing, final products and production inputs have benefitted African consumers and, to an extent producers. In the manufacturing sector, the two key effects of China’s  competitiveness on Africa often reported are the fact that 1) African countries face tough competition from China in third markets, and that, although less understood, 2) China’s competitiveness in the industry reduces domestic prices for both industry inputs and  domestic consumers in African importing countries. Studies have shown that China has  significantly reduced world prices for manufactures, and especially for wearing apparel and  footwear. 

More especially for Angola the Chinese imports are concentrated upon infrastructural  equipment and supplies, and these are largely related to the construction supply chain, and  thus in support of Chinese companies themselves. Here we suggest that the quality of the  Chinese construction work is of at least an appropriate standard, and that it really is up  to Angola itself to leverage more capacity building from the Chinese construction programmes. 

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