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Good performance records for African airlines in 2016 and DRC searching for the lost glory

Good performance records for African airlines in 2016 and DRC searching for the lost glory

2016 African airlines safety performance

Prior to book a flight, many people want to know if the airline they are going to fly with is a safe one.However it is not easy to say if an airline is 'safe' or 'unsafe' just by looking at fatal accident statistics. Nowadays, many aviation safety agent provide reliable information about this issue around the world.

The  International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that the best safety performance in the past of Sub-Saharan Africa Airline industry has been recorded in 2016.

The International Air Transport Association reviewers said that the accident rate in the sub-Saharan region was at 2.30 per one million departures compared to 9.73 for the last five years. One should notice that the accident rate has reduced drastically. 

Democratic Republic of Congo searching for the lost glory

As we all knew Africa and especially Democratic Republic of Congo have many mineral resources. Diamond consists  one of exploitation of natural resources in Democratic Republic of Congo. But Diamond prices have dropped down since 10 years ago causing gloom in the region of Mbuji Mayi, in the Democratic republic of Congo known for diamond production.

To seek the lost glory, the industry has injected a monthly income of over $ 2 million into the economic circuit the last few years.
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