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Cement, aggregates and sand: strong demand

Cement, aggregates and sand: strong demand 

During these 9th Rencontres des quarres et mines, the organizers are always looking for new products with personalized appointments. Cciaf wishes to organize these tailor-made meetings with operators according to the criteria defined. Interviews of about 30 minutes to carry out promising projects are also on the agenda.

The last eight editions have each been attended by an average of 300 operators and more than 60 suppliers of equipment and services. These meetings, which are highly appreciated today, have become a real place for trade and technical exchanges.

At the 9th Rencontres held on 28 and 29 March in Algiers, many sectors of mines, quarries, cement works and public works were present.

Many projects in construction in Algeria generate a high consumption of materials. The estimate of aggregate requirements is 300 million tons / year, while the estimated requirements for sand are 150 million tons / year. Almost all the aggregates come from massive limestone rocks. The sand comes from wadis, sand pits and crushed limestone. The production of aggregates (including sands) is estimated at 80-100 million tonnes per year. There are 110 sand pits, almost all of which are private, but the supply is very scattered. According to the organizers and with the exception of a few companies that have several careers (ENG, Algran, Cosider, TP companies), there are almost as many careers as companies in an Algeria which is a country in strong development. The country spent tens of billions of dollars on the construction of 400,000 housing units, plus the construction of the 1,100-kilometer Hauts-Plateaux highway and the construction of 10,000 km of new roads and 152 structures ( Bridges, tunnels).

The construction of 23 penetrants that will link the port cities to the East-West motorway is also on the program. Other billions are spent in tramway projects in various wilayas next to two extensions for the tramway of Algiers without forgetting the Great mosque of Alger. Major infrastructure projects generated a very high demand for aggregates with an estimate of 445 million tons (MT) of which 159 mt were sand. The aggregate requirements will be of the same order of magnitude. In the field of environmental protection, the mining law requires operators to take charge of this situation. Moreover, the evolution of civil society and the effective application of the regulation will force the quarries to deal with the problem of dust, according to the organizers.

In an effort to lower the import bill for raw materials, Algeria wants to re-open old mining sites in order to enhance the resources. This program will result in the investment of equipment and materials. Moreover, Manadjim El Djazaïr has for its object, in Algeria as well as abroad, to develop the exploration of the national mining domain with a view to highlighting new mineral resources.

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