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Niger State discovers crude Oil

Niger State discovers crude Oil

The recent discovery of oil in Nigeria in commercial quantity has been described as a good omen for the development of the oil and gas industry which the country will benefit from.The Federal Government has said that oil wells discovered in Niger belong to the state. The director of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda University Research Centre,Lapai, Professor Nuhu Obaje, announced this in in Lagos. Professor Nuhu Obaje, said his centre has informed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Niger State Government about its finding.He also said his centre has introduced a technology for quick crude oil discovery and drilling.

Professor Nuhu Obaje, made the disclosure at the exhibition of raw materials and local products in the Manufacturing and Equipment EXPO Nigeria 2017, in Lagos."We have a technology that finds oil faster" said Obajo. We found crude oil at Bida Basin and we used our technology to locate more areas. “We have communicated it to Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) and the State Government" said Obajo.

Professor Nuhu Obaje said“They will use our research and produce oil faster and in abundance. Already, the Niger State Governor, Bello Sani, has written to the presidency". “We are aware that they have acted on it. The ball is in the NNPC’s court because we are waiting for them”, Obaje said.

“We have developed a new technology of using clean coal for electricity generation, smokeless fuel production and power generation.“We are using clean coals to stop the generation of fumes that are dangerous, so that people can use it without it being injurious to their health.“Ordinarily, coal emits greenhouse gases that negatively affect the climate but at IBB University Research Centre, we have had that dangerous part of the coals removed”,said Professor Nuhu Obaje.

Deputy Director of the centre, Dr Naomi Dadi-Mamud, said the centre was using oil and dead plants to generate bio-gas. He added that “My research on bio gas renewable technology was to convert such invasive plants on water bodies, like water lilies, and turn it to something useful". “We cut the water lilies and dry before we convert them to either cooking or chemistry gas. Soon, we will begin to bottle the biogas and sell it commercially.

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