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Ethiopia:Workshop Emphases Chemical Industries' Key Role in Construction

Ethiopia:Workshop Emphases Chemical Industries' Key Role in Construction


Workshop on "Industrial Surfactants for Leather, Textile and Construction Industries" called for active engagement of local chemical manufacturers to support the construction and industry sectors.

Ministry of Industry Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute, State Minister Samuel Halala told journalists that in addition to supporting the industrial sector, chemical industries have also a significant role to the success of import substitution strategy. "For example, industries like BEKAS Chemicals Plc have been success story in-terms of providing industrial susurfactant and construction inputs."

Moreover, he said the ministry encourages such investors in the efforts of providing inputs that are supported by scientific research.

BEKAS Chemicals Plc. Managing Director Bekele Tsegaye said that the government is doing all its best to expand the industrial sector, in this regard; Chemical Industries have a key role in providing industrial and construction inputs.

According to him, if properly utilized, chemical industries would create ample jobs and generate good enough foreign currency.

He said, "Once, the country used to import putty [past sealing glass panes in wooden window frames]. However now, the construction sector is using locally made putty to set glass. This is a good indication that local chemical industries have a key role in import substitution strategy."

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