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Nigeria opens its first inspirational t-shirt company for kids by kids

Nigeria opens its first inspirational t-shirt company for kids by kids

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R1SIXTEEN Kids is a clothing brand for children, we make cool graphic t-shirts with positive messages, they give you a good vibe (chuckles). R1SIXTEEN stands for Romans 1:16- For I am not ashamed of the gospel. Our T-shirts spreads the message of love and we help orphanages through our sales.

Who are the brains behind R1Sixteen kids? 

We are! Olakunbi and Oladimeji Adebowale. Oh! and our mom, Mrs Temi Adebowale.

As kids, how did you start a business? Isn’t business a “thing” for adults, and a scary big thing for kids? 

Well, our mom started R1SIXTEEN for adults, but we wanted our own shirts too, so we asked her if we could start a kids line. We weren’t really scared because we knew our mom would help us and we have seen videos about other children that have started a business and it looked like fun!

Tell us what you like most about having a business?

We really enjoy visiting the orphanage to give gifts to the children and coming up with design ideas, we love drawing and watching our mom bring the designs to life.

How do you come up with design inspiration for your T-Shirts? 

Mainly through bible stories we hear/read at home or church and getting design ideas from some of our clothes, we like glitter for girls and sporty designs for boys

How do you find people to buy your T-Shirts? 

Our mom really helps us through Instagram, we tell our family and friends and our best one is the kidenterprenuers business fair, thank you so much for supporting us. We were so happy when we won the most interactive and best customer service during the first fair. Even our head teacher was so proud of us and told the whole school about it!

What important lessons have you learnt from running your business? 

You have to work hard to get money and you have to plan how to spend your money. It’s fun, but sometimes you have to work in the sun even if you’re hot, you can’t just tell customers you’re closed because you’re tired you know, they could be disappointed and we won’t make enough money for the orphanage.

What do you do with the money you make from your business? 

We use some of it to buy more t-shirts, print them, give some to charity, give tithe, save some.

Do your friends know you have your own business? What do they think about it? 
Yes! They think it’s really cool!

Would you encourage other kids to start their own business? If you would, why? 

Yes, we really enjoy it and think they would too. We would like them to have the same experience that we’ve had.

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