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Orange Launches 4G/LTE Site in Liberia

Orange Launches 4G/LTE Site in Liberia

photo by:Active Telecoms

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange Liberia Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly says the company is in Liberia for the long term.

Mr. Coulibaly made the comment at programs marking the launch of Orange's new 4G/LTE site in Bong County over the weekend.

The launching marks the second 4G/LTE site opened by the Orange outside Monrovia in the past month. The first launching took place in Kakata, Margibi County.

Coulibaly said the opening of the new site was in furtherance of a target set by the Orange Group CEO of Orange Africa/Middle East Mr. Bruno Mettling, who had assured Liberians that Orange would invest a significant portion of its profit to provide quality and cutting edge telecommunications to the Liberian people.

Coulibaly recalled: "during his speech at the launching, Mr. Mettling promised that Orange would begin to invest heavily to ensure that the 4G/LTE high speed network would be deployed in all major cities outside of Monrovia. True to that promise, we are gathered in Bong County to officially launch our second 4G/LTE network outside of Monrovia."

At the program which was attended by hundreds of excited citizens of Bong County, Coulibaly said the presence of the 4G/LTE network could positively impact the county.

"With the 4G/LTE network, customers will be able to do video calls, doctors will be able to diagnose illnesses from halfway around the world, and students in Gbarnga could enroll in Masters and PHD programs in the United States and Europe. Our dream is that the people of Gbarnga will now be able to connect with the world for business, E-commerce, E-education, E-health and more without having to leave their homes," he said.

He further revealed that the company had brought in an array of devices into the country to match every budget.

In response, officials of both counties applauded Orange for its efforts. They noted that the company, which Orange inherited had always stood with Liberians as the "people's GSM company" and therefore were happy to hear that Orange would continue this path on investing in Liberia.

"Orange has always been there for us and this is another example of Orange going the extra mile for the Liberian people," the Superintendent of Bong County said.

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