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photo by:The African Aviation Tribune

SOME foreign investors have expressed interest in investing in Zambia’s aviation sector, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said.

This follows the European Union’s (EU) decision to lift the ban on Zambian registered aircrafts.

In 2009, the EU banned all Zambian registered aircrafts from entering the European air space due to poor safety standards but in June 2016, the EU lifted the ban after an evaluation on the Zambian aviation sector was conducted.

CAA director general Gabriel Lesa said the lifting of the ban on Zambian registered aircrafts by the EU had created opportunities form investment as a number of foreign investors had expressed interest to invest in the aviation.

Mr Lesa said in an interview at the just-ended 91st Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka that some investors from South Africa and Turkey had shown interest in investing in the industry.

“We have seen a number of foreign investors expressing interest in investing in our aviation sector after the lifting of the ban on Zambian registered aircrafts which has given them the assurance of safety.

“For example, a South African cargo operator has pledged to open a consignment outfit in Zambia with an initial investment of about US$500 million, this is encouraging and it is good for the country,” he said.

Mr Lesa said Turkish airlines had also shown interest in adding Zambia to their route network.

He also said the authority was in the process of implementing a carbon emission national plan aimed at reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from the aviation industry.

Mr Lesa said the carbon emission national plan, whose framework had already been done would assist the industry in promoting a greeneconomy.

“This plan is aimed at reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from aviation. We are promoting new generation of aircrafts and engines, the engines will bring about lower noise output.

“The new model means they will be lighter, and this means it will be much more fuel efficient,” he said.

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