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GHANA AGRI & FOODTEC 2018 will offer the best platform for international and local manufactures to display their latest farming machinery, equipment, innovations and services in agriculture. Food processing, safety, packaging, transportation, storage, materials, production, ingredients and various verticals of the food technology sector. We hope to be able to provide suppliers the opportunity to build their businesses by breaking into new markets and reaching a large group of customers at one event.

The global packaged food market is set to be a US $3.03 trillion Industry by 2020. The UN forecasts that Sub-Saharan Africa urbanisation rate will reach 45.9% by 2030 and 56.7% by 2050 from just 36.3% in 2010.0ne likely outcome of Ghana’s rising household incomes and increasing urbanization is a higher demand for processed foods.Ghanaians spend most of their income on food and non-alcoholic beverages that account for 41% of total expenditure.

A study shows that the agro-processing subsector offers opportunities for domestic firms, with Ghanaian brands accounting for 27% of the items identified. Food processing industry worldwide achieved return on average invested assets of 11.49% in the third quarter of 2016, above industry average return on investment. The fact that thousands of containers of imported processed food arrive at Africa’s ports every month clearly implies there are opportunities for increased local production.

Ghana is one of Africa’s success stories with the economy growing at an average of 5%. The agricultural sector continues to dominate the economy employing over 55% of the workforce and accounting for 40% of GDP. The agricultural sector has performed quite well in the recent past with growth averaging 5.5% over the past five years though it has been growing at two speeds. While agriculture for export such as cocoa and horticulture is flo-urishing, food crop production remains dominated by subsistence farming.

Time: 16 -18 May 2018

Venue:  Accra International Conference Centre

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