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Ghana Gas Company's Transparency Promise

Ghana Gas Company's Transparency Promise

photo by:Reporting Oil and Gas

Ghana National Gas Company Limited has pledged to be transparent in its dealings in the processing of raw gas for the generation of power in the country.

The company says the brouhaha that erupted over the missing helicopters will be a thing of the past as the company will be more guided by transparency in all its dealings going forward.

The company will not only be accountable to the communities in which it operates but to Ghanaians as a whole.

The company has indicated that it will engage with the communities it operates in as often as possible to ensure transparency in the gas processing sector of the economy.

The new management under the leadership of Dr Ben Asante will continue with the tradition of making the communities feel part of the operations of the company.

Dr Asante made this known at a meeting to interact with some media practitioners and to brief them on the operations of the company since he took over the running of the company in Accra.

He revealed the company recognizes that value added to an employee or the community is value added to the organization.

"The company will continue to offer employees the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in the gas sector.

The CEO maintained that these opportunities will create avenues for employees and the communities to add value which would also go a long way to benefit the organizational structure of the company.

These opportunities, he said, will come by way of training for the employees spearheaded by leading industry experts around the world to promote personal development in the company.
It is the vision of the company to see these communities benefit from the operations of the company.

Dr Asante said community engagements will be one of the strategic approaches that will align development priorities of the local communities in line with the goals of the company.

It is the aim of the management to make the company one big family with excellent working conditions without losing sight of its core objectives of creating a conducive atmosphere for employees."

According to him, the company is committed to its mandate of putting in place facilities for gathering, gathering, processing, transporting as well as marketing of natural gas resources in the country.

The company intends to invest in these facilities to ensure safe, cost-effective and reliable manner by investing in the infrastructure of the company across all sectors.

He said failure to invest in the young oil and gas sector will affect generations to come.
He commended the Chinese company that set the company for the steps it took for the transfer of knowledge in the sector.

According to him, in Trinidad and Tobago, it took 50 years to localize gas operations. In this regard, he commended the immediate-past government for the development of the sector.

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