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New Chinese Shop Set to Revolutionise Tanzania Buying Experience

New Chinese Shop Set to Revolutionise Tanzania Buying Experience

photo by:Financial Times

IN a world that is constantly changing, time is very important. Gone are the days when shoppers will have to hop from one shop to another looking for commodities.

And, this has seen the Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Mr Charles Mwijage, encouraging members of the public to change their buying behaviours and shop in centers that provide similar services under one roof.

Mr Mwijage made the call in Dar es Salaam yesterday while opening a branch of one of the most influential building material shops in China dubbed the Builder's Centre, which is operated by China National Building Material Group Limited (CNBM).

"We are changing the buyer behaviour, we are going to the new way of buying, one outlet has been opened here at Mikocheni and soon another one will be opening at Tazara area, and twenty more will follow," said Mr Mwijage.

He noted that when one buys products in similar stores, they are assured of quality as well as the issue of time consciousness. "All the quality building products being produced in the country can be located in the store; however, I know the level of development of China... ... .. train our companies, train the Tanzanian manufacturers on how to meet our standards," he said.

Mr Mwijage pointed out that the country's companies are good but lack the prerequisite skills, calling upon them to produce locally produced goods which can be obtained in the country to boost the incomes of the people. The minister has also assured the investors of a much more conducive environment of doing business by minimizing all the trade barriers.

"We want Tanzania to be ranked among the top best growing economies and trade areas not only in Africa but the whole world," he said. The Managing Director of Builder's Center Tanzania, Mr Andy Chen, observed that around 20,000 high quality building materials with affordable prices will be available in the store.

"We are setting more stores in Tanzania, considering the high speed of the growing economy and a large local market. The plan is also to offer 400-500 working opportunities to the Tanzanian people along with advanced staff training", observed Mr Chen.

Mr Chen pointed out that the company also operates six cement plants and runs a mineral exploration company in the country.

"We are among the largest cement producing companies in the world, with a production base of 570 million tonnes per year, of which six million are manufactured locally," he said.

The Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Lu Youqing said the introduction of President Xi Jinping "Belt and Way" initiative, the achievement of China- Tanzania cooperation has further been promoted as many of the Chinese companies have engaged in the process of industrialisation led by President John Magufuli.

"Tanzania's investment environment is very friendly, and it can be witnessed through the level of investment conducted in the country According to UN Report on investment, Tanzania ranks ninth in Africa and has become an important bridge to doing trade with the rest of the world," noted the Ambassador.

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