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  • The Government of Uganda has issued a ban on the production of alcohol in sachets with effect from March 31, 2019, which states “The sale/trade of alcohol in sachets is banned with effect from May 30, 2019 and no one is expected to sell alcohol in sachets after this date.”

  • A global cocoa surplus is expected in the 2018/19 season, Informa’s Agribusiness intelligence has said, with record production driven by favourable weather in West Africa.

  • The Zimbabwean government has announced new plans, including land use rights review programs and agricultural crop subsidies to expand agricultural production, which may significantly increase demand for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Although Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco belong to the Maghreb region with an average annual rainfall of 100 mm, these countries are actively promoting the combination of irrigation technology and modern agricultural production.

  • Although Nigeria's coastline is 853 kilometers,as well as mangrove swamps, creeks, coastal rivers and offshore waters, Nigeria still relies on fish imports to meet daily needs.

  • In Nigeria, the export markets for flowers, fruits and vegetables are not yet fully mature. Nigeria currently has only one flower for export-Hibiscus.

  • Since 2013, government agencies have signed or plan to sign contracts worth more than 700 billion shillings for the construction of dams. The construction of a water facility worth 700 billion shillings has been signed or is awaiting signing.

  • According to reports, Morocco has surpassed South Africa to become the leading car manufacturer in Africa. In 2017, the number of passenger cars in Morocco was 345,000, surpassing 331,000 in South Africa.

  • Tourism is one of the main drivers of economic growth and job creation in emerging economies around the world. Africa's unique history and natural wonders are increasingly favored by tourists and investors.

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