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  • Cocoa farmers have obtained official ownership of valuable non-cocoa trees on their farms for the first time ever in Ghana.Farmers in Ghana's Western Region who have successfully petitioned the Ghanaian government to register ownership of trees planted on their cocoa farms.

  • The government’s immense interest for infrastructure projects sparked the price and quality wars among firms in the country.This lead the Kenyan local cement firms criticize the quality of products being rolled out rival by some cement manufacturers.

  • Drone technology is a tool that improves communication, safety, and marketing, the use of drones in construction can offer many advantages; capturing real-time images from the field.

  • The South Africa’s leading canmaking firm is planning to reintroduce aluminium beverage cans to the domestic market after a gap of more than a decade, says by the managing director of Nampak Bevcan .

  • Sugarcane growers in South Nyanza complain that they didn't get engage in the planned disposal of State-owned millers. they said the team is not “actively involving them in the “design and deliberations on sale of the factories”.

  • Currently A specialist in bridge construction is using four Sennebogen cranes near Algiers. The crawler and telescopic cranes lift heavy construction parts weighing up to 60 tonnes. The latest of these cranes is a Sennebogen 6113 telescopic crawler crane with a capacity for 120 t...

  • The Zimbabwe small-scale tobacco farmers are going to get $70 million from their goverment for this year's planting season, up from U.S.$28 million in 2017.

  • Theories of trade indicate that trade is the engine of growth.Rwanda's trade policy is now concentrating on harnessing the country's comparative cost advantage through regional and international trade.

  • Farmers in seven Districts of the Upper East Region--Bongo, Builsa North, Builsa South, Pusiga, Nabdam, Binduri and Garu-Tempane--are to increase their incomes from legumes cultivation, with the introduction of a new biological fertilizer, simply known as 'inoculant'.

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