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  • The Egyptian Council reported that the export of marble and granite increased by 26.6% from January to February 2019, from USD 30 million in 2018 to USD 38 million this year.

  • Commercial poultry production in Ghana can be divided into large-scale (over 50,000 birds), medium-scale (10,000 – 50,000 birds) and small-scale (less than 10,000 birds) enterprises.

  • Beekeeping, as a long-established economic activity in Tanzania, has contributed to the national economy, generating approximately $ 19 million annually, employing more than one million annually, and employing more than two million people.

  • West Africa, especially Senegal, once played an important role in the global peanut industry. In the 1960s, Senegal accounted for nearly a quarter of peanut exports.

  • Ghana is located along the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, bordering Côte d' Ivoire in the west and Togo in the East. With a large number of fish resources, up to 2.2 million people depend on fisheries for their livelihoods.

  • Ethiopia is part of the sub-Saharan African countries that produce and export cotton. It has a long tradition of cotton cultivation, with an estimated area of more than 2.6 million hectares, suitable for cultivation.

  • Agriculture and forestry remain the main sectors in Cameroon. The Cameroon government and industry stakeholders have been concerned about the impact of increased food imports on local industries and rural communities.

  • Angola's healthcare system is comprised of public and private services. Per Angolan law, public health services, from primary care to specialized services, are available at no cost.

  • Egypt already has well established manufacturing sub-sectors such as food & beverage, steel, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and is well positioned to become a top destination for manufacturing globally.

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