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  • East Africa offers friendly investment ground for German investors that assures high rate of return than any other developing region in the world.

  • FDI currently represents 10% of productive investments, generates one-third of exports and over 15% of the total number of jobs.

  • 2017-02-15


    Even though FDI stocks in Togo remained weak in 2015, they have experienced a slight increase in recent years.

  • Rising over the recent years, FDI inflows, which contributed to 10% of the GDP in 2007, petered out since 2009 due to the global recession. They have again reached stable levels thanks to the current economic recovery.

  • Foreign investment into Gabon has experienced significant growth; net inflows have been increasing over the past years, reaching almost USD 1 billion in 2014, from about USD 0.7 billion in 2011 (World Bank data).

  • Tanzania expects nearly 1,000 Chinese extra-large investors promising to invest in a special economic zone including textile, manufacturing, fishing, mining and agriculture across the board following mutual bilateral relations between the two countries.

  • Nairobi has been ranked as the 10th most dynamic city in the world due to its re-emergence as a regional technological hub.

  • FDI inflows in Madagascar have strongly declined due to the global economic crisis and the major political crisis that the country experienced in 2009-2013, which has resulted in Madagascar's significant diplomatic isolation.

  • Foreign investors are very concerned about the country's political instability.

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