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B&R International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off

“Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off
Afrindex attended the ceremony as a member of the Union

The “Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise (Union) was launched on Nov.28, with the support of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), CETC International Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., etc. Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd. and other 18 enterprises became the first members. The establishment of this Union is to respond to the Chinese policy “Belt & Road” and to implement the guiding principles of “Promoting the Belt & Road Education Action”, aiming at establishing the world-class universities and enterprises by combining the advantages of universities and enterprises.

“Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off
The President of the UESTC Prof. Yanrong Li and Deputy President Prof. Caidong Xiong, Deans of related functional departments for foreign students’ education and directors of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education as well as Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office attended the opening ceremony.  Deputy President of the UESTC Prof. Caidong Xiong conducted the Meeting. 
Prof. Yanrong Li represents the UESTC to show welcomes to the government officials and members who attended the ceremony. He said, “Responding to the policy of “Belt & Road” and following the policy requirements of Educational Department, Sichuan Provincial Government and Chengdu City,UESTC launched “Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise, aiming at strengthening the talents training cooperation for foreign students between universities and enterprises by taking advantages of universities’ discipline construction, scientific research, talents cultivation and teaching staff. At the same time, we’d like to offer internship opportunities and overseas jobs to boost international education and promote the employee localization of enterprises, to make a contribution to the construction of “Belt & Road” ” 

“Since our school entered the ranks of building the "World-class Universities”, there are more and more international students. Our alumni are active in IT industry over the world, which lay a foundation for the “Go out” policy. The establishment of the Union will promote the construction of word-class universities and the development of enterprises, at the same time, it will provide more electronic information talents who knows China very much for the countries along the B&R , which is a great contribution to the economic development and creating a good international environment of our nation ”he added.

Mr. Bin Jiang, the director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Mr. Honglin Li, the deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of International Education and Communication Department together with Mr. Xiaobo Liao, the director of Technology and New Economic Development Bureau in High-tech zone extended their congratulations to the establishment of the Union. During the meeting, they introduced the international cooperation programme, policy and projects status of Sichuan province, Chengdu City and High-tech Zone under the structure of “Belt & Road” and expressed the willingness to support more for the “Go out” policy by working together with the universities and enterprises.

Prof. Yanrong Li together with representatives of five funder enterprises and Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd, Kangba TV Stations announced the establishment of the “Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise. 
“Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off
After the ceremony, representatives discussed with the topic of international talents training by a combination of universities and enterprises. During the discussion, Mr. Fred Li, the CEO of   Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd and Distinguished Researcher of The Center for West African Studies of UESTC, gave a speech and received wide attention from the participants and leaders. Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd.( Stock Name: Acan; Stock Code: 811791) , as the first China-Africa Trade internet company that has been  listed on China Stock Market, has so far been specialized in providing service for China-Africa Trade Cross-border E-commerce,with its missions of “Serve Africa;Win-win in Africa”.  Afcan successfully operated professional China-Africa Trade Match-making and Cultures Exchange Platforms— Fred said, Afcan attaches great importance to cooperation and development of China-Africa talents. It established and operated China-Africa Talents Website and launched its Cross-border E-commerce Talents Incubation Projects, which deeply exploit the potentialities of China-Africa talents markets. Fred introduced the project concepts, project status and the progress they’ve made in details during the meeting.
“Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off
The meeting passed the statute and the work plan of the Union. Union’s members will start cooperation among short-term training, academic education, practice and training base, joint education shows, recruitment fairs and regional studies, etc. for foreign students.
“Belt & Road” International Talents Incubation Union of University & Enterprise Kick off
The meeting between member enterprises and foreign students was held the same afternoon. Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd., BOE and BoHong Group introduced their company business, international development strategies and talents need respectively. Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd. has established its Operational System includes Operations Headquarters in “the land of abundance”—Chengdu, Service Center in Shanghai and Western African Community Operations Center in Ghana, Central African Community Operations Center in Cameroon. At the same time, Afcan’s Operations Center in other four African Communities’ center regions is under construction. Afcan was looking forward to working together with the outstanding graduates from the UESTC and making a contribution to the overseas development of enterprises and China-Africa Trade.
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