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OCP Africa Has Developed A Strategic Partnership With Tanzanian Government

OCP Africa Has Developed A Strategic Partnership With Tanzanian Government

Following an earlier delivery of 25,000 tons of phosphates to Tanzania, OCP Africa proceeded, on February 27, with delivering a much more substantial load of 32,000 tons of fertilizers to the Eastern African country.

Far from being an isolated move, OCP Africa-Tanzania is another important step in the Moroccan giant’s goal of helping Africa attain its objectives of integrated and sustainable growth, with a particular emphasis on boosting agriculture and providing material and technical assistance to sub-Saharan African farmers, governments, and agricultural entrepreneurs.

OCP Africa, in the framework of its African venture, has developed a strategic partnership with Tanzanian government and TFC (Tanzanian Fertilizer Company), the entity in charge of facilitating access to agriculture-related products in the country. OCP is also interested in extending its partnership to Tanzania Fertilizer Regulation Authority, as well as Mlingano Agricultural Research Institute, especially in technical assistance and training.

With the Agricultural Research Institute, OCP is seeking to bring its expertise, and help Tanzania in its bid to develop a local-based agricultural industry, which entails boosting local expertise and area-specific fertilizers in order to help sustain and rekindle Tanzania’s existing potentials for producing maize and rice.

OCP and Tanzania’s Agricultural Institute are particularly working on analyzing local soils, which they say would allow them to help provide local farmers with fertilizers and agricultural products adapted to each type of soil. In that regard, over 800 types of soil had been collected in 63 agro-ecological areas throughout Tanzania, which were then analyzed by OCP Africa and Tanzania’s Agricultural Institute experts.

With OCP Africa-Tanzania, Morocco, faithful to its plan of exporting its technical know-how as well as its proven experience to the Kingdom’s “African brothers”, envisions to help combat the prevailing lack of “informed agriculture” in the country, by not only providing fertilizers but also providing the training and knowledge necessary for their optimal use.

OCP-Africa said in a recent statement about its Tanzanian projects that OCP hopes to promote an agriculture that is more productive, but also consider about biological and ecological diversities.
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