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Sudan Appeals to Chinese Investment in Processing Industries

Sudan Appeals to Chinese Investment in Processing IndustriesPhoto by

The ministry of investment is accountable for formulating strategies, policies, goals and programs aimed at developing local and foreign investments in Sudan. The Minister of Investment Dr. Mudathir Abdul-Ghani urged the Chinese companies for more investment in all sectors, particularly in textile, sugar, food and infrastructure sectors.

The minister welcomed, when he addressed the Opening Session of the Second Session of the Sudanese-Chinese Businessmen Forum held Monday in Corinthia Hotel, the Chinese companies, pointing to the importance of the forum for the exchange of experiences and the trade and economic benefits to achieve distinguished partnership achieving its aspired objectives for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples, revealing that the China's investments in Sudan totaled $ 15 billion in all fields through 126 Chinese investment companies operating in Sudan.

Dr. Abdul-Ghani stressed his ministry strategic plan attract more Chinese investment in all sectors plan, referring to the studies his ministry prepared on investment projects in the fields of textile, sugar and other processing industries besides infrastructure, electricity and solar energy in addition to the investment in the fields of minerals and livestock for establishment of successful investments after the creation of investment environment including legislations, land preparation and the single-window system as well as the creation of the Red Sea free economic zone to be the nucleus for the project service, revealing an agreement with the Chinese side to develop the free zone and establish free port to service imports and exports.

The minister pointed to the importance of the participation of the Sudanese private sector in the forum as it is an important link for supporting the economy, stressing the ministry's keenness to expand its role to boost the economy, adding that the forum comes and the country takes steps towards the resources increase for the development of Sudanese products in light of the political and economic challenges, hoping that the forum comes out with a genuine partnership for the implementation of a strategy consistent with the state programs being directed towards production increasing, which in turn leads to the achievement of tangible significant economic growth.
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