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  • The cooperation of Ethiopia and China in human resource development has been raised as a week-long training of trainers (ToT) for Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy was opened here yesterday.

  • In February 2014, the Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA) released the results of an opinion survey on Chinese business in Africa. "Africans are generally negative about the impact of Chinese business on the continent," EthicsSA announced. "This is the key finding."

  • Africa believes that China's approach, its policy of not making aid and investments conditional on performance on human rights and good governance, has won China a lot of sympathy across the continent.

  • China and Sudan to boost strategic partnership. China and Sudan enjoy a very robust and productive relationship in the fields of diplomacy, economic trade, and political strategism.

  • Windhoek — Trading imported Chinese retail commodities has become a popular means for Namibian youth to experiment with doing business and cultivate an entrepreneurship mindset.

  • South Africa and China has a long and deep historical relationship that continues to flourish at a political, economic, education and cultural level.

  • The government's efforts in easing availability of credit data have helped Tanzania to climb seven places in doing business assessment, a historic performance for the last five years. The business situation of Tanzania improves a lot.

  • A latest report from World Bank reveals that reforms have made it easier to do business in four East African Community countries. According to this report, Rwanda remains the best place to do business in East African Country.

  • Accra — In the eyes of Africans, China rivals the United States in influence and popularity as a development model, according to a new Afrobarometer report released on World Development Information Day.

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